We believe that home is not a place, it's a feeling.

Espiritu Patagonia is created to rediscover the magic of ancestral artisan weaving, the warmth of natural wool and harmony it radiates. Each product is an individual creation crafted by loving hands of our masters. Locally sourced wool and plants for dyeing the fibers come together to make pieces of exceptional quality that will serve you over the years. Our products are made to last.


100% natural sheep's and llama's wool ethically sourced in South America


100% exquisitely handcrafted by the artisans in The Andes mountains


100% expressively personal. Own the original

make your own rug

Get creative, design your own rug and we will make it for you! Choose from collection SAVANA or LANIN your favorite pattern, size, color and just in a few weeks your home will be welcoming creation of your own inspiration.


Treasure of Nature

Back in times Andean llamas were considered a gift from Mother Earth, and indigenous people were exchanging wool textiles as a form of currency, and the best pieces were securely reserved for royal families. Espiritu Patagonia today brings the best of old traditions and quality to your home.

Our artisans preserve old traditions of coloring wool with natural pigments extracted from locally sourced plants, tree bark, resin, roots, wild flowers, ash, mate, and even insects.

Love and warmth transmitted by hands that have been weaving wool for generations is priceless. Softness, smell, sensation of comfort and relaxation will come to your home together with our products.