About Us

Espiritu Patagonia is a family-owned brand that has a deep personal connection to one of the most remote and enigmatic places on Earth, Patagonia. It is known to be the end of the world and it has its reasons. Wilderness and infinity, wind and sun, summit and sky become one, freedom... Undiscovered serene villages have so much to discover. Isolated from civilization, yet so closely connected to the mother of all, Nature. Ancient ancestral artisanship of wool weaving is a gem hidden in The Andes, and Espiritu Patagonia will share it with you.

We believe in honesty and quality, in warmth of natural materials and in harmony of handcrafted products. We believe that good things take time and dedication, we respect our artisans and we adore how naturally imperfect and unique each product is, one of a kind.

Espiritu Patagonia brings the utmost rustic luxury from a paradise untouched by humans.


Our products are made from natural sheep and llama wool sustainably sourced in Patagonia region. The wool is tinted by using natural pigments of plants: chamomile, mate, tree bark, roots, ash, mustard, onion skin and many more, all locally sourced.


Keeping old traditions alive, our artisans carefully craft each piece and fill it with history, warmth, comfort and charm. The whole production process, from wool sourcing to a finished product, is made by loving hands of people who care. From our Heart to your Home.